Optional Unaccompanied Minor Service conditions

Here's what you need to know when booking the optional Unaccompanied Minor Service for children from 15 up to and including 17 years.

1. Unaccompanied Minor Service

1.1 During an online booking, an optional Unaccompanied Minor Service (optional UM Service) can be purchased for KLM flights. Via the KLM Customer Contact Centre, you can also book an optional UM Service for Air France or Delta operated flights.

1.2 The optional UM Service is available for children from 15 years up to and including 17 years who are travelling alone or travelling in a different travel class than their parent or accompanying adult. Ages apply to the moment of travelling.

1.3 The flight for a child travelling alone together with the optional UM Service should be booked at least 24 hours before departure.

1.4 An optional UM Service fee is requested for following services:

  • Before departure and after arrival, our KLM staff or staff hired by KLM, will accompany your child to and from the aircraft. They will also accompany your child in the event of delay.
  • During the flight, our cabin attendants will keep a close eye on your child.
  • We will keep you informed about any changes in your child’s flight schedule.
  • At the end of the journey, we will personally accompany your child to the person you have authorised to pick them up.

1.5 As part of the purchased optional UM Service, a consent form needs to be completed for children travelling alone. Next to that, some countries might have additional requirements. Please make sure you check the local rules of the destination.

Read more about the consent form for minors travelling abroad (English only)

1.6 To accompany your child during their journey, you need to authorise KLM by handing in the Handling Advice Form at the check-in desk at the airport. The Handling Advice Form must be completed when booking. You can still adjust the online form via My Trip or during online check-in. After check-in, you can only make changes to the Handling Advise Form by calling the KLM Customer Contact Centre. Please make sure to bring 4 printed paper copies of the latest version of the Handling Advise Form for all flights. All prints require a signature of child’s parent or guardian, person seeing off on departure and person authorized to meet child at final destination.

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1.7 At the airport when checking in, you’ll be asked to declare that your child is healthy and fit to fly. You’ll also need to agree that depending on the destination, your child could be subjected to a health screening (such as a temperature check) under supervision of the staff accompanying your child.

1.8 The fee for an optional UM Service varies; the minimum is EUR 100 per one-way flight. Please note that the prices will be converted to local currency. In some countries, a local tax may be added.

Service surcharge for one-way ticketsPrice
Direct flight within EuropeEUR 100
Direct intercontinental flightEUR 150
Flight from a European airport, via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, to another European airportEUR 200
Flight from a European airport, via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, to an intercontinental airport (or vice versa)EUR 250
Flight from an intercontinental airport, via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, to another intercontinental airportEUR 300
KLM flight between 2 airports other than Amsterdam Airport SchipholEUR 100
Flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, via a destination within the United States, to another intercontinental airportEUR 250

1.9 These optional UM Service conditions are an integral part of KLM’s General Conditions of Carriage, which are applicable to the ticket of your child.

2. Change and refund

2.1 Change and refund conditions of a booked optional UM Service follow your ticket conditions.

2.2 If you change your flight or part of your flight to a flight operated by another carrier than Air France, KLM, or Delta, we cannot offer the optional UM Service and a refund voucher will be provided.

3. Use of your contact details

3.1 The contact details you share with us will be processed in accordance with the KLM privacy statement.